Previous button not working correctly

I have every slide set up to "Reset to Initial State" and the trigger on every slide for the Previous button is just "Jump to slide Previous slide."

My testers are finding issues with the Previous button not working correctly. For example, one tester reported "I am unable to navigate backwards through the training once I get to the end of the course. It skips ahead a bunch of slides, or keeps refreshing the "next steps" slide, but won't take me back a slide. "

another reported "Mostly worked well, but when I tried to start at the end of the course and hit the previous button back through the whole module, I started to get some skipping of multiple slides, rather than one at a time. "

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Euan Hill

Hi Anne,

I could be mistaken, but I believe the "Previous Slide" trigger goes back to the Previously Visited slide - it doesn't work quite like a back button.

Bit of information here on previous slide

Someone else may be able to pass on some wisdom or a trick, but we generally have to code each back button with the slide prior to it if the back button isn't on the master slide. If you can place the previous slide button on the Master Slide, I believe this does then run through the previously slides correctly.