Previous/Continue Buttons to show after layer closed

Aug 29, 2019

Hi All,

I'm still getting my head around SL. I have managed to create some previous & next buttons that are hidden using states.

What I've done: I was able to put a rule in that changes the state to Normal when the user clicks the x button on the slide.

What I actually want: To make the buttons display (change to Normal state) when the x button is clicked on the layer (once the learner has returned back to the slide). I can't seem to create rules that are to do with the slide and layer. 

I've attached what I've done. Could someone please tell me how I do it?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tash,

Go to your Contents Info Layer and create two new triggers to change the state of your buttons (select On Object: Button 2 and Button 3 respectively under "Objects on 1.1 Contents" and When: User Clicks Object: Button 1 under "Objects on Contents Info Layer"):

Your triggers should look like this:

Now you can remove the two triggers that you set on the base layer to change the state of the buttons and everything should work as planned.

One other point to note, I am not sure what you wanted the extra trigger on the Contents Info Layer for, but for future reference, Visited is a standard Articulate state and so an object will automatically change to its Visited state once it has been visited and so there is no need to provide a trigger for it.

Also, as Buttons 2 and 3 are initially Hidden, they can start at the beginning of the timeline and there is no need to adjust their individual timelines to four seconds, as this will make no difference.

Amended version attached.

Hope this helps.

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