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Adrian Dean

Hi Don,

Let's see if I am following you. You have a series of scenes or slides and on the very last slide you only have the previous button and because of that it is where the next button is on the previous slides.

In any case, there is no way to change the position of the previous button. You would have to have the next button there as well in order to keep the position uniform throughout the whole project. That would be the only way for the previous button to stay in the same place.

You could create your own previous and next buttons using triggers. I'll throw together a video showing that and post it here soon.

Always Happy to Help,


Ralf  Baum

Hi Jon,

unfortunately imho you can not change this when repeating an assessment.

do you use this assessment in a LMS or for any kind of certification?

If not you can change your slide properties. Set them in the status "Reset to initial state". Then the user must take the quiz again but the buttons will appear.

Maybe it is a workaround for you.

Storyline may not know that you set up your own buttons and tries to give you an opportunity to navigate through the course.