Previous/Next Buttons & Links Not working on published files

Jan 01, 2017

Hi everyone.  I have a problem that I can't seem to fix.  I uploaded my Articulate Storyline 2 presentation to my website and the next/previous buttons don't work and at times the link buttons don't work either.  One strange thing is that sometimes 1/2 of the button/image will show the "hand" icon where it will direct the user to the link--but only on 1/2 of the image. They aren't being covered by other images either. Other times, the buttons don't work at all.

The next/previous buttons do work when I preview it in storyline, and the kicker is, that this issue is only for me and my boss. It won't work on my desktop or laptop computer, and it won't work on my boss's computer either. We are NOT on a network. We're both working on local drives. I work from home and my boss lives in another city--so we are not networked.  I contacted my hosting company and it works fine for them too. I've cleared my cookies/browser cache numerous time, cleared the DNS cache (is that what it's called?), updated the adobe flash player, reinstalled google chrome, re-uploaded it to my website numerous times, and still nothing works.  I'm starting to get a bit frustrated as I'd like to get this reviewed and finished for my client, but I can't do that if it won't work on my website. 

Here is the link to view it on my webpage:

The password is gumdrop 

Any ideas you might have for me would be greatly appreciated!


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Walt Hamilton

I ran through it and everything worked fine for me. The only thing that I noticed was that it hung up when I tried to move to next from the "Tanks" slide. I thought it might be my slow connection lagging, but it did it twice on that same slide, so there may be something about layers, or exit animations. I clicked, and everything stopped. I couldn't click anything. After about a minute, it advanced.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jody- I'm finding the same behavior as David.  I checked your link on Chrome and Safari, and the course navigation felt independent of the actual player controls.  It looks like you've embedded your course as an iFrame.

The HTML link that David shared worked for me in both Flash and HTML5 supported browsers, so I'd tend to agree that the Storyline course itself looks good.

If you want to get specific about how you embedded your course, i.e. sharing your code, perhaps somebody in the community will be able to spot a way to improve performance on your website.

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