Previous/next buttons not showing

I have updated to Storyline 3 - however I have noticed that when I update old projects that used flash to HTML and even new slides do not show the next/previous buttons

This is nothing to do with the slide settings or player, I'm not new to Articulate however this has me totally stumped.  

This is only on desktop mode, in preview for example for android the arrows show so they are actually there, just not showing on desktop preview or published projects

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience! It sounds like the player navigation buttons aren't appearing when you preview or publish the course on desktop, correct?

Since you're able to see this in a mobile version, it seems there may be some erratic behavior. If you're able to share your .story file, our team would be happy to take a look and see why this is happening!