Previous slide causes some but not all users screen to crash

5 out of our 8 pilot group have a problem when they click the Previous button it freezes the screen and they are unable to continue.  When they close the window the LMS does not receive any data i.e. any test scores are not recorded - I'm using SCORM 1.2.

I tried to get around this by creating a custom button in each slide.  I made each button point to a specific slide location rather than using Previous Slide; e.g. on page 2 the trigger says On click go to slide 1 etc.

A problem is that I cannot see this behaviour on my machine i.e. it works perfectly so I am wondering if loading the previous slide uses a Cached version? Our client's security policy means that they delete the cache of every page visited once it is moved away from, is this causing the problem?  Perhaps it is trying to load cached images that have been deleted and gets stuck in a loop - just a wild guess...

If it is then why is it working in some cases and not others?

If anyone has had similar problems and knows of a fix I would be very grateful.

FYI: I have update 3 loaded

Ed Steeds

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ed,

Have you been able to determine if there are any different settings for the 5 who encountered it vs. the 3 others (including you or plus you) who were able to successfully navigate? Since it's working for some, and not others - I would guess it's something specific to their machines own settings. Possibly the deletion of the cache is handled differently depending on the browser used? If you'd like, we're happy to test the .story file as well and you can share it here or send it to our Support team. 

Also, only cause you mentioned you've hosted it in an LMS - can you try to have the 5 users test the same course if you load it into SCORM Cloud?