"Previous slide" trigger breaking

Jun 12, 2015


In my course I have a menu page that is accessed on every page. As it is a menu, it has to use the "previous slide" trigger as I cannot direct it to a specific page. When I leave the course on the menu page and go back into it, the previous slide button works. If I leave the course on the menu page, go back into it, then leave again without clicking anything, the previous slide button breaks. The course must forget what the previous slide was.

This obviously leaves the user stuck and unable to progress and therefore forced to start from the beginning which is not ideal. I have tested it on my LMS and the SCORM cloud with the same results.

One solution is to create a variable for each page and use a trigger for each one with an if statement. I would rather not use this as there are a lot of pages in the course.

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop a page bookmarking so that it does not return to this menu? Or has anyone found a fix for this?

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Ell O

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies. It looks like a bug within Storyline so I have added triggers underneath the "previous slide" trigger using the if statement and a current page variable. If Storyline cannot find the previous slide it moves onto the next trigger. I have not added a trigger for every frame but instead used a "less than" if statement for every 5 pages . It is not ideal and means I will have to maintain it if other pages are added.

It would be great if it could be fixed in the next update.


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