"Previous" Trigger Adds unwanted count to slide progression

I have a trigger on my slides in my quizzes that show the user's progress (which question they're on out of the total). i.e. 2/50 or 36/50. I want to allow the user to go back and change answers before they submit the entire exam. However, with the triggers I have now ("Question%QuestNo%/50") every time a user clicks the "Prev" button to go back to the previous question and then clicks the "Next" button, the count adds one, again.

So, for instance, I'm on slide/question 24 of 50. I don't think I answered question 23 correctly, so I click "Prev" to go back, which adds "1" to the count. So although I'm reviewing the 23rd question, my slide count says "Question 24/50. I select my answer on slide 23 and click "Next". Although I'm on the exact same questions as I was on before clicking "Prev", my slide count now says I'm on question 26/50, which is not true. It's still only the 24th question out of 50 total questions. The very last question of the exam now says 52/50.

How do I allow a use to view the previous question(s) and continue without adding "1" to the count each time and the count getting skewed?

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Michael Hinze

Instead of having a trigger that ADDS '1' to the Question counter variable, I would simply use a trigger that ASSIGNS the value. See the screenshot below that shows the trigger for slide#1. This may be a bit more work initially, but this way you don't have to worry about the variable increasing every time you navigate back and forth between slides.

Kara Kerker

Okay; however, we are drawing questions randomly from a question bank, so I do not think that assigning a specific number to each question will work. I just tried it and the test was at question 13 and then reset to question 1 when the first question in the question bank appeared in the test. So the counting started over. Question 15 said "Question 2/50"