Prework assignments

I'm completely new to Storyline and in the process of building my first course that requires a prework assignment.  I intend on selling this course online.

  1. Should I build the assignment in the course file or should it be a separate course ?
  2. Are there prebuilt assignments I could customize?
  3. Am I asking these questions in the right spot?  My business partner and I have purchased Articulate Teams, is there a chat box I should be asking this questions in? 
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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Bruce! This is a great place to ask those questions.  I'm sure other members of the community will have ideas as well but here are some things you'll want to consider: 

  • Is it possible that those who buy your course and its corresponding pre-work will want to track them separately in their learning management systems?  If so, I would build the pre-work as a separate course.
  • Is the pre-work just a reading assignment/job aid that the learner is going to have to read?  If that's the case, you could add them to the resources within the Storyline 360 player.

If you're looking for pre-built quiz questions to customize, check out what the Content Library has to offer.  You can insert pre-built slides from the Content Library then customize them however you'd like.

Last but not least, because you're new to Storyline, I would encourage to check out our training webinars if you haven't already done so! Just head over to and you can watch videos or recorded webinars, or sign up for an upcoming live webinar.  You also have access to our technical support team via your account at  Enjoy your weekend!