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Sep 17, 2019


I'm working with a customer who has external staff members who need to complete training outside of their LMS. As a result, they asked us to build in a certificate. I added a certificate slide and the javascript to print. However, when they print it looks like the first picture (portrait). When I've tested, it looks like the second picture (landscape). I'm not really sure what I can do to improve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Georvy Sacramento

Hello Charley,

Good morning.

Based on the attached documents, the issue must not be on your end. If you will notice on the 1st attachment (cert_print_png), on top right hand of the page, it says “1/2”. Normally it is on the hardware side.

Have you checked with your customer if they  have configured their printer to print in landscape mode? By default, printers are setup to print in portrait mode. That’s how I initially would go over about it, unless you have already gone that route.

I would suggest that you check with your customer of his printer settings. This is often being overlooked whenever page orientation (landscape) is different from the default (portrait) printer settings.

I hope this helps.



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