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Russ Sawchuk


That is what we do. We publish our SL project to Word to get all the slides, and then add in our narration script that goes with each slide. These are converted to .pdf files and made available as downloadable handouts for the course.

We also make our narration audio files available as a podcast. So our learners can download the narration and listen to it along with the handouts that include the slides. Just another option for learners.

You can see an example of how we do this in our Pressure Ulcer course.


Ali Altaf

Set a true/false variable e.g print with default value false.

Say you want to print the whole course when user clicks a specific button.

Set triggers when clicked:

1. Adjust variable print to true

2. Execute javascript

3. Jump to next slide

Now on next slide set triggers when time starts:

1. Execute script if print = true

2. Jump to next slide if print = true

Set both of timeline start triggers on all the other slides as well.

Modify the idea as per your requirements.