Print and Review function in a new silde

1.)How i can make the PRINT RESULT trigger work in a new slide?


I have created a result page with a PRINT button from a blank slide.How can i get the PRINT RESULT trigger work in that slide? If there is any workaround to Print result without using the PRINT RESULT trigger, that will also do.The user will click the Print button and get a screenshot of the result page.


I  don't want the default Storyline's result page.




2.) How do i show the right answers when a user click the Review button at the end of quiz? The right answers are in form of shapes (hotspot).


I don't want the Storyline's Result page with review function.I want to create a result page from a blank slide.






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joydeep,

You could use the standard results slide to have all the options included as you mentioned - but customize it to look entirely as you would like. The print results feature is coded to the results slide, so if you're looking to do a more customized printing option you'll likely need to investigate Javascript elements for printing. 

Since it sounds like you're in need of a more custom design set up, I'd recommend sharing some more information here about how you'd like it to look to see if the community can assist with ideas. 

Abhishek Roy

When a user will click the Review button, it will take the user back to slide1 till last side to show the correct or incorrect answers.

The answers are in form of shapes in each slide.I want a tick mark or a cross mark to appear beside the shape according to the answer given.Tick mark for right and cross for wrong answer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joydeep,

It sounds like the review navigation is working as expected, and if you'd prefer something else, you may want to share a bit more information so that the community could assist with ideas. 

Have you looked at this method to customize the review to have the information you want?