Print Button, with results embedded in an email. Possible?

Hi there!

I created a button to print the results page (which is working great). Now I would like to look into something more advanced. We cannot seem to get our LMS to report on a percent complete (the majority of the simulation is hot spots and text entries) and it is also timed. I need to allow users one chance (which also isn't working in our LMS - Success Factors), complete the simulation within 8:00 minutes (starting on slide 3), and passing with an 80% or higher. All of these things are working in 360, but isn't translating over in reporting.

The only way we can get results is by having students print screen this and email it. Problem is, we have over 1000 people a year who will be accessing this simulation and I have 20 more to build over the next 6 months and need to find the least administratively avenue possible (as a note, we are getting Workday Learning transitioned over as our new LMS, which I hope will have better functionality).

I would like support on either identifying why percentages are not showing in our reporting (due to an oversight on my end in 360) and why the user is able to access the course more than once. OR I would like to see if there is an option/code that could get my PRINT button to open the body of a designated email, inserting the print screen within it, to send to my team for tracking.

Any support would be very welcomed! Thank you Michelle Beem at Nordstrom.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

I also responded to you here:

Hi Michelle,
What type of status are you seeing in SuccessFactors? Storyline should report the completion status and score based on the LMS reporting options you choose at publish, and it would be worth checking that it's working correctly in another environment such as SCORM Cloud. You could also look at enabling LMS debug mode to see the information that Storyline is sending to your LMS, and then you'd be able to share that with your SuccessFactors team to narrow down the issue there further. 
I haven't seen a method that would attach the printable results directly into an email, but it may be something the community could help you out with using Javascript. Are there any JS experts available to weigh in on this? 

But feel free to keep the conversation going in this discussion!