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Jul 11, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm evaluating Storyline to see if it would be a good tool to include in our elearning toolbox. In our existing courseware, we have a Print Page feature and a Print Course feature. Is it possible to do this in Storyline? I've read a couple of posts and it looks like there may be a problem doing this in a flash-based course. Is that true?

If we bought Storyline, I'm not sure what our workflow would be. For printing the course I was thinking we could probably export the PowerPoint storyboard to Word and then link to the document but I'd rather be able to print/export from the finished product. Too bad Storyline doesn't have an export to Word (or PowerPoint) feature. I'm not sure how to handle the Print Page feature.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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UF_Buck Buchholz

The widget only works in FLASH based versions of Storyline. Any plans for all Storyline courses?

Has anyone found any other print solution for the iOS exported courses? I'm still amazed how much work around exist for print functionality in this day. This should be OOTB.

Any help anyone can offer would be great. Might get management off my back too!

Nancy Mucklow

I'm building a course similar to the one Dianne Gibson described, but I'm not sure I understand the process. The goal of our course is to have the learners produce a plan of action. They'll be inputting answers and selecting among available choices. I'd like the final screen to be a summary of all the input and choices so that they can print out.

I'll use fields to create the inputted answers. No problem there.

But will I use surveys to create the lists of options they select from? If so, how will I get Storyline to store these selections and then place them on the last screen?

I'm fairly new to Storyline, so I appreciate the guidance.

Peter Anderson

Hi Nancy!

It sounds like you'll probably want to use variables in your course to capture the different entries that you're asking your students to make, and then recall them all on the final page that you'd like to print. As far as printing that page, there's no built-in "print page" feature in Storyline, so you'd need to instruct your users to either use the print screen feature on their computers, or give James' widget (above) a shot. 

And I'm sure you'd get a lot of great advice in terms of course development from our Super Heroes if you wanted to re-post this question in our Building Better Courses forum

Best of luck with the project!

Dianne Gibson

Could you use the quiz functions to create the "survey" for them just to journal after a question and multiple choice - at the end of the course you could use the print quiz results.  This is what I did from Jeanette's tutorial. It's a work around without having to create the triggers and variables. You might have to tweak the quiz html file to have it look like you want - but Peter has provided a framework for modifying this page. See this link.  Goodluck!

steve Linquist

"It sounds like you'll probably want to use variables in your course to capture the different entries that you're asking your students to make, and then recall them all on the final page that you'd like to print."

Im basically doing this in a course Im building at the moment where there are a series of input text fields on various screens and then the user gets a summary page. If there is no way to print except using the widget (as it needs to be HTML5), does anyone know of a way that the user could export the summary as a txt file?

Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

steve Linquist

Hi James, I have a series of variables values displaying on one slide within a text field that sits inside a scrolling panel. Im just hoping to be able to add a button that enables the user to be able to either print or export the contents of the text field as a file (eg. txt, .doc etc).

Im working on a PC using SL and I saw your widget but I have to publish the content in HTML5 and not Flash, which I assume means that the widget will not work for my scenario?

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Oh.. I keep meaning to update. We do have an HTML5 solution but it's not so easy to widgetize it, especially if when people need both. 

That said we could add just the HTML5 solution to your course for a few hundred bucks. I am wondering... Our solution is designed to print the slide. I am not sure what it will do with a scrolling panel. We may need to tweak it for you. If you just need to print that one panel we may try something a little different.

Shoot me an email with your file ... 

gina cruz

I think I know the answer after reading all the replies within this string and others, but, my question is;

is there a way to print the screen exactly as seen to the user at the end of the lesson? At the end of the quiz I have a results screen. I elected to allow the user to print from the options provided, but when they print their results it comes out in a report form. We are using a theme to the training and the results screens shows as a boarding pass to the next lesson. The user is supposed to collect the boarding passes to earn frequent flyer points for employee swag. I realize this is not a huge issue, but we're trying to keep the employee excited throughout the course delivery and visuals are part of the fun.

So, can it?


Joe Koller

You can use the execute javascript option. Here is the step by step:

1. Add a button and call it Print Page or whatever you would like:

2. Open the trigger properties.

3. Select Execute JavaScript for the action

4. Click on the Script box below the Action.

5. Type window.print()

6. Click OK at the bottom of the Javascript box

7. Click OK at the bottom of the trigger box

** Please note this print the current slide including any player features that are turned on.

Hopefully this helps.



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