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Oct 05, 2017

Hello Heroes!

I have a vision for a module but I'm not finding specific instructions on how to do it - maybe you can help!

My vision is this:

The module presents the learner with a page displaying a collection of learning activities, which will include the titles of courses, books, videos, and articles.

The learner reviews the collection, and clicks titles to select each activity they want to do (it's a menu of learning options, and they need to pick 3 or 4).

The titles may be in the form of icons, buttons, or hotspots, and they themselves may be clickable, or they may include an associated "select" button.

The learner's selections will automatically populate into a "Personalized Activity List," which they can then print out to a PDF or hard copy.

Any ideas for how to do this would be much appreciated!



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Cheryl Kent

Hello Maidie,

not sure if this is the same thing - we have a quiz activity and the summary of the results allows users to select activities to an action plan. The user can then print out the action plan.

I have used variables to indicate "did user select this", then add the action text to another variable if yes. Then used javascript to create the action list of action text (from the variables)

[the java script I copied from a hero so it is on here somewhere - print notes I think]

Our etutorial is here

Sorry but you'd have to go through all the quiz to get to the summary page.


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