Print Result Page using Storyline 3 in HTML5

Upon the completion the course quiz in Storyline 3, I want the participant to be able to print the Results Page containing the following:
• Course Name
• Participant Name
• Date/Time
• Student Score
• Passing Score
• Results
I would like to have this populate in a separate window, but that is not a must have. I do need for this to work in HTML5.


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Dave Cox

Hi Jerry,

I did something similar to this to create a certificate in Storyline 2. Even though you are using Storyline 3, and HTML5, the same process will work.

Be sure that the information above that you want to access is available in variables that you can access.

Create a new html page that you will use to print your information. I called mine certificate.html, but you can call it pretty much anything that you want. layout and style the page for the look that you want, keeping in mind that the page must fit onto a printed page.

In a script in your html file, grab the values of your storyline variables. use this command to get the player object:

var player = window.opener.GetPlayer();

Then get the value of your variable with a command similar to this:

var learnerName = player.GetVar("learnerName");

Finally add a button to your html page that will allow your users to print the page on their local printer. For example:

<input type="button" value="Print This Certificate" name="printButton" onClick="window.print()">

Place this html page in the same folder as your story.html file in your published project. Add a button in your project to link to this html file, and open it in a new window.

Jerry Ryles

Would it be possible for you to provide a sample of your html certificate page?


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