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I am working on an exam for a client and I need to remove the correct answers from the Print Results output. I found this article , but in Storyline 360 that line of code I don't see it in the way it is described. Do you know how to remove it and could you point me in the right direction?  I am not very skilled on the code side of things. Thanks so much.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danielle, 

With Storyline 360, we rewrote the publishing engine and some items such as the modifications to the printable results may be different. You could look at the method detailed here as well - but it's not something we can support as it's a modification of the published output.

Russell Killips

I took a look at the report.html file and I was able to remove the correct answers column.

I modified 2 lines of code.

I changed line 238
from: { elName: 'th', text: strings.correctAnswer, enabled: !survey},
to: { elName: 'th', text: strings.correctAnswer, enabled: false},

I also changed line 330
from: { elName: 'td', text: formatResponse(question.strCorrectResponse), enabled: !survey},
to: { elName: 'td', text: formatResponse(question.strCorrectResponse), enabled: false},

I have attached a report.html file with the two edits for you to take a look at.