Print Results crashes IE 11

I have to provide my course on a CD. Desktop tests of the Print Results button in the course work fine. When I publish to the CD and launch the course, the Print Results button works fine till I enter my name. Then the browser fails to open and load. I get a blank screen with an error message that IE encountered a problem and had to close. See image below. What do I need to do to make it work?

Specs: IE 11, Win 7, SL 1,


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Hi Ashley and Emily,

I tested the CD on my work computer and my home computer and it crashes IE every time. In fact,it would not open the document either.

I'm uploading a stripped down course here. It works fine from desktop - would you be able to publish to a CD and then test? The problems are only when trying to run from CD

Emily Ruby

Hello Shanti!

Thank you for sharing your file. I published this to cd, then burned the zipped file to a CD. I was able to open this and extract the files into my C drive in a newly created folder. I launched the file and was able to complete and print the results without issue:

I did notice a slight lag when the file opened, about 3-4 seconds, but it did play properly after that. Have you seen this issue with other courses?


Hi Emily,

Thank you for testing. Here's some additional information.

1. I move the published files to the CD without zipping them. (And yes, I burn the disc)

2. I click on Launch_story.exe to play the CD. The course plays fine - the print button on the results page opens a browser window and immediately crashes. My learners need to print this report.

3. If I run the course from desktop (not from CD) it works fine.