Print Results doesn't show all Answers

Hi there,

I have a standard quiz in Storyline which does everything it should however there are 5 questions in my quiz but when I print results only questions 1 and 2 are in the print screen. I've checked the settings with other modules and quizzes in my design and they all look the same. I'm wondering whether I should delete the results slide and recreate it again to "jump start" any code that may have been lost. 

Only some of my modules have issues with printing. The rest are fine. 

Any thoughts would be amazing. Thank you. 



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Dani!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like only the first two questions appear in the printed results. In the Quiz Settings window, have you checked all of the questions you want to track?

If you can share your project, that would be helpful so we can offer more specific advice. You can attach the .story file to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.