Print Results - is there a way to remove or hide Interaction ID and Questions

Hello all!  I am looking for a quick way to provide the learner the results from their learning experience. The Print Results built-in function is nice, but I would only like to include Date/Time, Student Score, Passing Score, Result.  I have used a JavaScript method providing a certificate in the past, but would like to refrain from that if possible (better sustainability for the course, less file management)

Is there a way to only provide this specific information for the learner to print? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Diana! 

We haven't added that feature to Storyline, but you can Modify the Report.html files. You'll need HTML coding skills to utilize this technique though. That article linked above is for Storyline 2, but the same goes for Storyline 360. 

If you'd like to see this type of change, I'd love to have you share your thoughts with our team as a feature request

Hopefully, others in the community can chime in and assist!