Print results not getting the previous session inputs when revisiting

Jul 08, 2020

I have created a survey quiz which at the end needs to send the inputs to LMS as well as print them. On the first attempt, the results are getting printed. But when I close the course and reopen it, the inputs are saved but it doesn't show in the print.

What settings should be done to get print results every time revisiting the course?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Chirag,

Thank you for your post!

We're looking into an issue in Storyline 360 where student answers in the report.html are not fully listed when a quiz is taken in more than one session. Is this similar to your view?


If you're seeing something different, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file? We'll dig in and delete the course after. You can use this private upload link

Chirag Honrao

Hi Katie,

I am facing the similer issue of getting previous session inputs..

I have 2 more queries:
1. Also another issue I am facing is of character limit. I am attaching the file which has essey type text input field. When I put a large paragraph, the data is not sent to LMS. Is there any limitation in the character count?
2. Is it possible to reset a single answer? The reset all button resets all answers which is not what is required.

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