Print Results not working in Storyline

Aug 12, 2013

Hi there

I've used a results slide at the end of a quiz in Storyline that allows the user to print results once they have passed.

When looking at the published course the print results button displays when passed then when I click on it , the screen appears allowing you to input your name. I can then type in my name and click OK. However, nothing prints.

The 'allow users to print results' and 'prompt for their name' boxes are checked in the options for the slide.

Is there something else I need to do?



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Matthew Guyan

Hi Ashley

Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for my delayed response I was off work yesterday. Yes I have published the file and was still finding that it wasn't working. Here is the .story file.

Thanks for checking it out for me, I appreciate it.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

No worries - everyone deserves a day off! 

Thanks for sharing your .story file. I tested it in Chrome (28) and IE 10 and was able to use the print results button in each. They both appear as additional tabs within my browser and then I was able to choose to print it from there, attached is a PDF of my results - you'll see I didn't do too well.

Have you checked the settings within your browsers to allow for additional pop up windows? Can you tell me how you're publishing it (for web, LMS, etc.)?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

We've tested it in IE8, and were able to get the results window to appear. You may have to disable the pop up blocker for your internet browser, and then once the window appears you'll be able to select to print like normal - it will not automatically send the results file to your printer. 

If you'd like to share a screen recording of the behavior and share it with us, you can do so here on the second page. Just make sure to capture the whole browser window in your screen recording. 

Matthew Guyan

Hi Ashley

I sent the story.html link to one of our IT guys and he has turned off the pop-up blocker and also tested the file in the latest version of Firefox. Unfortunately the same thing happens - the enter name box appears, I can type in my name and when I click on OK nothing happens.

IT asked if the PC's that view the story files need any additional programs or software installed?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

The requirements needed for Storyline are fairly standard for most PCs. Would you be able to submit a Support case at this time so that our team could look a bit closer at what is happening? Feel free to reference this thread while submitting the case so that they know what you already have tried. 

Doug Brown

Hi Matthew

I packaged your file for the web, same problem with IE10, no new tab opens if Print button is pressed.

If I upload to a web server , all is OK in IE10

I think it's a local file security issue.

I placed a temporary copy of you storyline file here :

Can you print from this server link in IE6?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Reena,

I didn't have to write any javascript coding, but just used our built in print feature that you can add to any results slide by updating the result slide properties, and choosing the 5th item down to "print results." I operate mostly in Google Chrome or IE10 - and both of those browsers will treat this as a pop up window, which then I select "print" like normal from the browser's options. 

Tim Jeter

Hi all,

I didn't necessarily see a resolution on this, but I had the same issue briefly. What cleared it up in my case is that I clear my Flash cache before testing a newly published course. It's separate from your browser's cache, and it will confuse the browser sometimes if you're repeatedly previewing multiple files with the same names.


Nichole Delehant

I'm having the same issue and so is my co-worker. Two different desktops. Both of us type in our names and we both do not see the next pop-up window with the Print Results. I've published to our network drive and to my hard drive to test this and I can't see anything once I type my name. I'm about to just pull the "Print Results" button as it's not worth the effort. I see that I'm not the only one this is happening to and I'm hoping since this was posted a year ago, that someone has found an answer.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nichole and welcome to Heroes,

You'll want to ensure that you're testing the published version within the intended environment, instead of testing it locally. Have you tried any of the suggestions here such as clearing your browsers cache, checking the pop up settings? If you'd like to share your .story file here and tell us a bit more about how you're testing it we'll see if we can replicate the situation. Additionally, if you'd prefer to share privately you're welcome to send along here. 

Nichole Delehant

Thank you Ashley,

I have tried the suggestions listed in this forum. The issue seems to be that I can click the View Project button w/in Storyline and get the results window popup in the IE browser. However, when I publish to C: or network (using relative or explicit paths), I cannot get the popup results window to appear after typing my name. Only works inside of Storyline when publishing and viewing the project, regardless of where I publish to.

  • Tested in Chrome and IE 10.
  • Popup blocker disabled
  • Enabled all active X controls
  • Enabled active content to run on my computer (IE Security option)
  • published using relative/explicit paths (no difference)
  • cleared browsing history and flash cache
  • enabled compatibility mode
  • added website to a trusted site
Justin Grenier

Thanks for clarifying, Nichole.

Articulate does not recommend hosting content on a local area network drive.  This can cause unexpected issues according to Adobe and should be avoided.

Published content should be uploaded to a Web server or LMS for proper playback.  If you will be viewing content on your local hard drive, you should publish for CD.

Nichole Delehant

Thanks Justin. I have been publishing for CD, even tried Web. So what I'm deducing is that without the LMS, we probably won't be able to use the Print Results functionality. If that's the case, that's okay. I'll need to find another option to print a pseudo certificate.

Thank you for your help.


Matthew Swift

Has anymore progress been made in this area, I regularly get clients that click to print, enter their names, then nothing happens when they click to get the certificate.

Is it looking like it is most likely an issue within their network settings as they say they have pop ups allowed, if so, what is the way around this?