Print results - want to hide the 'correct answers' column

Hi folks,

I'm building an assessment within Storyline and I need students to print a copy of their results to submit to the teacher. (There's the report on Moodle as a second reference, but the student's submitted result sheet is also required.)

Most of the assessable items are 'essay' submissions (i.e. short answer responses).

However there are some multiple choice items, and I don't want the student to be able to see the correct answer on their results sheet (because they may need to reattempt, so we can't give them the answers).

I'd also prefer if they couldn't see the 'passing grade' etc., but that's less important.

Screencap attached of the print results sheet, with the offending items highlighted.

I should say I'm not much chop with editing code, but I'll do it if I have to!

Any advice?

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Matthew Bibby

It is a bit of a confusing file, I know some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but still get lost when editing the report.html file. 

Try this:

  • Publish your course
  • Navigate to the story_content folder in the published output
  • Right click on report.html and open with Notepad
  • Hit Ctrl+F and search for strCorrectResponse +
  • Then delete it so that line reads:
 document.write("<TD>" + "</TD>");

Save and test. Hopefully that works!

Miriam R

Hey, thanks Matthew, it does remove all the content from the 'Correct Answer' column, but the column doesn't disappear - what I really want to do is eliminate that column entirely!

I actually want to pare it right back so that all that can be seen is the question and the student's answer.

I'm going to consult with a programmer friend of mine... hopefully he'll take one look at it and go "oh yes of course".

Matthew Bibby

Glad that helped a little bit! Sorry I can't be of more assistance with this, but the report.html is rather complex and whenever I try and hide the columns I end up wrecking the whole thing. If your programmer friend is able to figure it out, I'd love to take a look at the final report.html file.

Alternatively, you could build your own basic report that shows just the information you want using JavaScript and HTML (see here for details on how to get variables out of Storyline - your programmer friend should be able to figure out the rest pretty easily).

Miriam R

Hey folks,

Just letting you know I consulted my web developer friend and he suggested a minor change to the logic in the code which is kind of sneaky but works perfectly. So in all places where it reads


I removed the !. (There are 10 instances.)

What the code originally said was: when the results displayed are for a survey (i.e. non graded items), don't show me the right answer/score/student result.

Instead, it now says: when the results are NOT for a survey, don't show me those things. 

So now it's hiding all the columns and data I don't want!


This has been a learning experience! Thanks so much everyone!

Miriam R

Oooh thanks, that's a project! We always said the current report is pretty plain and dull and it would be nice to adjust it a little, maybe even add a logo. I'll keep this one on the backburner.

EDIT: Whoops, meant to say the report.html file is attached. Quick switcheroo did the trick in the end! Removed the ! from g_oPrintOptions.bSurvey, so that it now hides those columns even if the results AREN'T for a survey. It means there's extraneous code in there, but at least it's a very quick and repeatable change to make.

TZ Martin

Revisiting this issue for hiding the correct answers on "print results".. I'm using Storyline 360, but don't see any report files (xml or html). I do see a slide in story\slides\*.xml that has custom properties for describing PrintQuizResultsSL actions.  However, this appears to be custom arguments that is not documented online.

How can Storyline 360 users hide the correct answers or modify the "print results" report?