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Hi everyone

I have looked at several discussions on this topic but all seem to be from a year or more ago. I'm hoping for some happy news and an update.  I have created a certificate at the end of my Storyline course and have a JavaScript trigger for the user to print the screen. This works great in IE but will not work in Chrome. It also doesn't work if I manually try to print screen (via the keyboard) - just a blank screen with a url and date will print. Is there is any way to get this working? A work around? A different JavaScript to use??

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Anne Pead

HI Matthew

Thanks for the quick reply. I found a bit of a work around by disabling the Flash add on in Chrome. However, I don't know that I will get everyone who will be using the course to do this (they are not the most tech savvy users).

Thanks for your suggestion. I had played around with the html and adding to the published files when I first started looking at certificate printing. But, not being a programmer or developer by any means I just could not get it to work properly or look good.  I'll give the thread you attached a go...hopefully will have better luck.



Matthew Bibby

Disabling the Flash add on just forces the project to run as HTML5 (which is fine in Chrome, but won't work in all browsers).

An easier way to do this would be to open the story_html5.html file rather than the story.html file - but unless all of your users are using an HTML5 compatible browser then this isn't advisable.

Good luck with figuring it out. Let me know if you need any further assistance.