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Theresa Ryan

Is anyone still using this widget? i just found it at the beginning of this month and added it to 2 courses, but users are having problems printing from Mac OS (with both Chrome & Safari, at least). i'm using SL2 with AO.

i'm assuming it has something to do with the latest version of OS and the javascript code. i'm a novice with javascript though, and i can't seem to figure out if there is a fix. thanks.

Jake Hurt

Hi Theresa,

I mailed you back, but as an extra thought, it could be because Chrome is starting to remove flash support. Are users on windows running Chrome having the same problem or is it restricted to Mac? I know Apple products are trying to get rid of flash too.

It could also be that the javascript is specific to windows platforms. If you could test on many combinations of OS and Browser it could help narrow things down.

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