I was wondering if there was the capability to add a button where the learners can print or email the contents of what they jotted down in the elearn.  I am doing some trainings where we want the user to write on the slide some takeaways from what they just reviewed, and would like to give them the ability to print or email their notes for future reference.


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Gerry Wasiluk

This can be problematic as you can certainly add some JavaScript to a print button for this. 


Problem is it may or may not work the same (or not) depending on the browser.  Even doing a simple CTRL-P on the page should work but different browsers may even handle that differently.

And if you are publishing for mobile and Apple devices, this can be even different still (e.g., AirPlay).

I'll often add a completion certificate in some of my courses and I'll have printing help (2 lightbox slides with some extensive help text that tries to cover all the permutations).

Fellow MVP James Kingsley has some options for purchase at his site.  Haven't tried them, though.