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Jun 03, 2016

My apologies for beating an already half beaten horse, but I just wanted to see if there were any updates. The issue is printing a page out on any page other then the quiz results. Suggested in the past was java script window.print(), but it seems to have its issues of only working in IE and printing in portrait layout not landscape. There also was once a widget available from eLearning Bros. that was promising, but is no longer available. Has anyone come up with a solution that:

1. Works across all browsers...and html5

2. Prints out in landscape.

Any direction would really help. I'm just hoping that I don't have to wait for it as an improvement in Storyline v3.

Mahalo, Chad

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chad,

Did you confirm when using the Javascript that you had uploaded your course to the intended publish environment? Testing the content locally could cause you to encounter issues with elements such as Javascript as described here. 

This is still not a functionality of Storyline, and we don't share information in regards to our product road map for features or when updates/new releases will be available - but you're always welcome to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request. 

Brian Dennis

window.print()  is the standard javascript code to open the system's Print dialog from javascript. As Ashley pointed out, SL is disabled when previewing or running any SL published material locally (for security).

As for portrait vs. landscape, javascript can only invoke the system's default Print dialog. Orientation is controlled by the user from the Print dialog at that point. Portrait is the default for most systems

If you'd like to have things optimized for portrait, that's possible, but complex, as it requires advanced knowledge of CSS, HTML and responsive design. And the changes would need to be added to the published SL material.

Christie Pollick

Hi Chad -- thanks for your response, and as we are not able to offer support for JS, we will need to defer to your fellow community members to assist you with specifics.

I did, however, want to note in case you weren't aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are displayed publicly in the post. If you would like to remove that info, simply use the EDIT button beneath your reply. :)

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