Printing a slide OR multiple results

Jun 27, 2016

Hi Everyone,
 I recently created a type of a placement test in Storyline. It has 4 question banks that it randomly pulls from.  At the end,  I have passed variables from the 4 results banks to a slide that then shows all of their results together in a nicely formatted certificate with their percentages in the 4 categories.  I see that the print button doesn't link to normal slides; it only links to results slides (and when it does, it prints out a pretty grim-looking results format).  Any ideas on how to deal with this, short of having users right click and select PRINT? I would like the learners to be able to have a PDF or nicely formatted print-out of results. Thanks!

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Anne Baker

Hi Christie,
No, I unfortunately can't upload the file, as it breaches company policy.
But if anyone has created a printable results slide that shows percentages correct for various categories (question banks), I would love to hear how they did it, because the print button function only works on results slides. OR if someone knows how to create a results slide that shows ALL results listed for each section (ie each draw from different question banks), that would be great.

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