Printing all slides at the end of a course

I do realize that you can print out a course in Word, but what I need is different. What I'm looking for is to be able to print the whole course, (which is only about 8 slides) at the end. The reason why, is I am using a question bank and most of the slides will be in random order each viewing. The problem is, the whole course has to be printed at the end of the course, so the participant can print out the exact order and the results each time it is viewed. It is very important that I have a way to do this, also to be able to print the whole course on a single page would be helpful and could solve the problem. Any help or script to do this would be highly appreciated.

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Vinnie Russo

Thanks Leslie for the quick response, I have searched everywhere I could, and have found solutions on how to print a slide, which I have been able to accomplish. The problem is printing the whole course or a number of pages. Publishing to Word will not work as it has to be at the end of the course, (as stated above).

Please any help with a script would be awesome!