Printing and saving slide

Hi there,

I have read as many forum post as I can find but I still have not found a good way to let the user print and/or save a slide or the information on a slide. A lot of the conversations are old so I am optimistic that a good solution has since been found!

What I want is for the users input (text entry etc.) from earlier slide to show on one slide that they can then print out or save as a pdf or word file.

I have tried various javascripts but I cant get anything to work.

Does anyone know a quick and simple way to do this?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Mandy!

The ability to print a specific slide is not a feature of Storyline. You can have users print results slides from quizzes.

Though Javascript is not supported, here is a page with some best practices, and printing a slide is on there.

Hopefully others with more information on javascript can jump in as well.

Mandy Galley

I wonder if the ability for the learner to Print and/or save a page of the course is a function planned for Storyline?

I have just upgraded to Storyline 2 and find it hard to believe this function is still not available! Exporting to a .pdf would be ideal.

Is there a widget out there to do this perhaps?