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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frances,

I suspect you're using the Javascript behavior to allow for printing, and Javascript is only supported in HTML5 not the mobile player app - so you may want to check into that first.  But I do know that the "print results" is not supported in both the HTML5 and mobile player app - so I suspect it may not work for any printing you've set up. 

Frances Steinberg

Thanks for getting back.  The issue is with some forms I have as attachments in both Word and pdf format.  The user, who is a university student, is having difficulty getting them to print when using the program on her iPad.  I suggested that the simplest solution would be for her to use the laptop which she says she owns to access the material and print them out rather than for me to figure out some code! ;-)

Frances Steinberg

Well,  Ashley, she actually managed to get off her iPad and move across her room to do just that, all the time protesting that she had already downloaded the material to her iPad and didn't want to switch devices--if I had realized that she could endure and survive such physical effort I wouldn't have bothered all of you! ;-)))