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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Dorothy.

Nancy put together a nice response here on a similar topic.  Her approach is to use Edit Result Slide->Options to enable printing.  It sounds as though you'd need to edit the report.html file to avoid the squeezed answer that you mentioned and eliminate the unnecessary table.

Good luck!

Dorothy Stark

Thanks, Justin. It sounds as if Nancy's approach is the way to go.

Unfortunately, I don't know HTML. I took a quick look at the report.html file in Notepad and managed to knock out a few table headers, but I can't edit the file properly--at least not without a very long time of hit-and-miss experimenting.

I'm not sure how complicated a task it would be, but since there have been several threads on this topic, maybe some goodhearted, HTML-knowing soul could post an edited report.html file so it shows just the student name, date, and student answer (essay) without any of the rest of the table?