Printing off the results slide and being prompted to add your name before printing

Hi there,

I want to know how to add to the last slide, results slide, an ability for the user to print that last page and also for a prompt to appear to enable them to type in their full name. This would then be kept as a record that they had completed the Code of Conduct and they could then print off the hard copy and sign it.

I hope this makes sense - see attached.


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Brett Rockwood

This is fairly simple to do, if I'm understanding you correctly. Here's what I would do: Instead of having the learner enter their name directly on the Results screen I would create a text variable called "fullname" and ask the learner to enter it on one of the introductory slide, e.g., "Please enter your full name here." Then have your Results slide display the variable in a text box where you want it to appear (%fullname%). When the user gets to the Results screen the name will automatically be populated, no user input needed. Finally you need a Print button.

While this method isn't really secure, the learner could enter any name they want, it is a bit better than having them enter a name directly to the Results slide. If you use the name on the Results slide someone could sit there and enter the names for everyone on their team one after the other printing completion certificates for everyone. If you make it a variable at least they would have to go back to the earlier slide, enter the name there and then make their way back to the Results slide for each name.