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Oct 04, 2019

Is there anyway to print out the coding for each slide in Storyline 3?

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Jin Bang

Hi Robbin,

Are you trying to print out a list of your triggers? If so, unfortunately, there currently is no way of printing out triggers and the respective conditions in Storyline 3. But I can share how I manage my own triggers, conditions, and variables:

  • I name my variables using codes like S01S04Obj1. This stands for Scene 1 Slide 4. It could also be something like S01S04LeftBox1
  • If I expect a long list of triggers and variables, I create a flow chart in Excel. 
  • For short triggers, sometimes I do things by memory, but as I progress, I take screenshots and place them on a second monitor.

Working with files from other people:

  • I start with Variables, (Manage project Variables). I take a screenshot of the main page, and place the notes in notepad++ (or you can use your preferred text editor)
  • Undock the triggers pane and resize the window, then use snipping tool (or your preferred bitmap editor) to take screenshots and paste them in a word document.

I don't print them out as I have a second monitor, but I can relate to your situation since my laptop's screen size is just 16 inches and moving between slides can be a pain, but take my best practice and you might find it helpful. 

Other people have similar and unique suggestions, try searching for "print" on the top right side of this page and you may find one that works for you.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think.



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