Printing Quiz Banks in SL2 (without answers)

Our learners will need to be able to review course materials both in our SL2 module and in their textbook to answer questions in the quiz bank.  Because of this, we'd like to provide them with a (Word or pdf) file that contains all the questions so they can work through them independently of being online.  Publishing the SL2 project to Word is ineffective: the question is listed (but no answer options), followed by the slide (with correct-answers indicated), followed by the table of answer-options (again, with correct-answers indicated), then Correct/Incorrect feedback.  We want them to see the questions and answer-OPTIONS but not the correct answers.  Ideally, we'd like them to see the slide-view WITHOUT the correct-answers indicated.  Is this possible?  Thanks in advance!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris -- It looks like there was a similar question asked in a different thread a few months ago, Storyline 2 Quiz - Publish to Word without the Answers Displaying, but the workaround that the author discovered appears to have been removed (perhaps when she was editing to remove her email signature information that was included when she replied via email). I would suggest that you use the "Contact Me" link in the author's profile to contact her directly to inquire about the workaround she used. Hope that helps!