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May 09, 2017

I have recently converted to 360 and love the new features.  I guess I was a little disappointed that no work was done on printing results (i.e. report.html).  This is still a very cumbersome process for the user to print out their results and dependant upon which version of which browser they're using, etc.  All of my clients rely on producing a hardcopy of the report.html file.  I know there is a java script command to print the current page but does anyone know of a way for the report.html file to print automatically when the print button is hit?


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Crystal Horn

Hey Steve!  Thank you for taking the time to speak up.

We added support for printing Results in HTML5 with Storyline 360.  Here's a Peek at how that looks in both Chrome and Firefox on a Mac, for example.

You're right, though.  The communication between each browser and the printer varies. 

We'll be happy to hear from folks about any tricks they've devised for one-click printing!

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the reply, Steve.  Could you give me a little more info?

  1. What browsers are you using to test your output?
  2. Is it hosted on the web or in an LMS?  Or are you viewing it directly from your local drive?

I'd be happy to test your content out if you would like to share a link to it, or even the .story file.  If you're able to make a Peek of what you're seeing, that'd be great, too!

Shannon Lowe

We are still having this issue with IE11. We have a course created in Storyline 360 and the client would like the learners to print the results but they are only allowed to use Internet Explorer. I tested the Print Results function in Chrome and it works fine, but it in IE11 we only get a blank screen. Our 360 is up to date. 

Shannon Lowe

Hi Alyssa,

I already opened a case (01155247) and they said that it works fine on
their end. That doesn't help me much but I am guessing it is an Internet
Explorer security setting. The testers who said it worked had custom IE
settings so I can't tell the exact settings. It's annoying but I will just
have to play with it and see if I can figure out what it needs to work.



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