Printing Results of multiple Results slides

I have modified the report.html file so that a completion certificate is printed.  But, I only want this certificate to show/be printable if the user has passed all of the quizzes within the program.

I have a final results slide that I have set to prints results of all of the other results slides in the program.  I have also checked that "user must pass each quiz".  The pass score for each quiz is 80%.

The certificate seems to print whether the user has passed or not.  If they have not passed, we want them to be able to go and take all of the quizzes over again until they can pass them all.

What needs to be in the report to tell it to only print if there is a pass score?

Currently the program is being shown on a website, but the final is intended to be posted to Articulate Online.

Any assistance would be greatly apprecaite. There is a very tight deadline on delivering this.


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