Printing, Saving and/or Emailing a Text Entry Field in Storyline

In my course, I have a form that is made up of 5 different fields that I'm asking the user to fill out.  I'd like them to be able to record the data they input by either printing it (in any browser - IE, Chrome, Firefox), email it, and/or Save it to their computer.  At this point, I would be happy to get one function to work.

I've mainly been focusing on the print function.  I understand using the java solution only works in IE which I have tested.  That's really not a solution because we cannot control what browsers our users have.  I tried using this approach by Jeanette Brooks which I THOUGHT was going to work by having them print the results page, but then realized that the results page only prints the "correct" button.

If you can give any solutions for printing, emailing, or saving the Text Entry fields I would really appreciate.  I LOVE Storyline - this time it has completely stumped me!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

I'm not sure I understand what you meant by the "results page only prints the correct button" - if you've included some short answer or fill in the blank questions, you should be able to see the users answers when using the print results feature - and it'll open an HTML page and that the user would need to print. 

Jenny Carter

Hi Ashley,

Yes, that was what I thought too... but I think since I'm using the Pick One and using the technique suggested by Jeanette (see original post) that it's just seeing the "correct" button as selected and using that as my answer instead of what I'm actually typing in the short answer fields.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah Jenny, sorry I didn't think about you using the pick one option. I can't speak to the Java solution you mentioned - but did you try it in other browsers? Since all the text entries generate a variable - what about reporting those variables to a short answer? It'll be a bit more to set up and you can hide those slides, but then at least the user would be able to see actual answers on the results print out?  You'll need to include tracking of the short answer questions on your results slide set up - so depending on your reporting/tracking method needed this may cause some other issues for how your course is scored. 


Storyline by default has only a "print results" button that generates an HTML page (such as the image jenny shared) showcasing the questions and answers the user did throughout the course. If you're looking to print out a form or similar you may want to look into other threads where they've discussed Javascript print commands. 

Jenny Carter


Thanks for your response.  I think the best approach for me is to do a survey, and I just have one question per slide, but I was able to design it in a way that it appears they are filling out the form.  This allows me to use the Results.html file as intended and it works in Chrome and IE.

My NEXT question is - do you know how to customize the results.html page?  I only want the Question and Student Answer columns to show.  I've tried editing it in Dreamweaver but have not been successful.