Private Course Viewing Link

Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on sharing a link to a private course. I'd like to keep it simple and if possible, just share a link. Any suggestions?

Is temp share still an option? I'm a little worried that it won't be secure (content needs to stay confidential for the client). 

I've taken a look at some of the other related threads. From what I've read, google and dropbox have disabled the feature to run courses through the folders (and they didn't have the best performance). I tried Amazon S3, but could not find a simple way to share securely without adding users to the IAM, creating permissions, setting policies, etc...then users would still need to go through a lot of steps before they could access the file. And with S3 I didn't want to make the file public because that would sort of defeat the purpose of using it, wouldn't it? Unless I'm not following the defined permissions for private/public. 

Thanks in advance for your help / suggestions!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eileen,

Tempshare is still an option - and it couldn't be easier. Drag your web published output there and press upload. Voila! You'll get a link that no one is likely to guess (you'll me) and it'll only be live for 10 days. 

Also, if you're using Articulate 360 you can upload to Articulate Review (also super easy!) and there is even an option for enabling a password. 

Hope that helps - and I bet others in the community may have their own custom solutions to share with you too! 

Eileen Meliksetian

Hi Ashley! This is great, thank you. I did end up using tempshare - it worked perfectly for what was needed and you're right, it was definitely a non-guessable link. Many thanks for the tip and the folks that created this solution. I will have to check out Review - haven't used that yet. Looking forward to testing it out!