Probelm when inserting flash and publih for iPad or iPhone

Apr 29, 2014

Hi, i'm newbie in this articulate things. I got some problems.

I insert a flash file to my articulate project and then i publish that project for iPad and iPhone. I check the html5 and viewing for iPad in my publish option.

When I try to access story.html from my iPad or my iPhone it fail to load.

Is there any explanation for that?


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Andrew Sellon

Hello, Primus, and welcome!

We may need to clarify a few things.  First of all, Flash files aren't supported on Apple devices, or via Storyline's mobile publish options, even when using the HTML5 publish: 

So if your course starts with a flash file, that is the likely reason you're not seeing anything.  Here's Articulate's explanation of what features work on which types of publish: 

This Tutorial page about adding video also talks about file formats in Storyline: 

Otherwise, if your course starts with a standard Storyline slide and that slide is not loading, you may need to need to share a little more information about how you posted your course and how you're trying to load it.  For instance, are you saying you uploaded it to the web, then tried to launch the course by clicking on a URL that ends with your story.html file?  Or are you doing something different…?

If your Flash file is non-interactive, you might try converting it to MP4 format before placing on your Storyline slide, as MP4 should play on pretty much all mobile devices.  While Storyline automatically converts many formats to MP4, it does not automatically convert Flash files.

I hope this helps!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hello Primus and Welcome to Heroes! 

It looks like Andrew has you covered with the basics to ensure files will play properly on your iPad and iPhone, and I also wanted to point out, that enabling the publish for HTML5 is an option within your publish settings and something you would need to select to properly play the course (given all the above information as well): 

 There is some additional information in this article about publishing for HTML5 and the iPad player. 

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