My problem is:

3 videos, with 3 buttons. Every of them takes user to the other slide in the scene.
I set up the rule: make disabled every button when user click it. Is work when I previev this single slide.

But It's not working when I previev all scene.

When I come back to the slide with buttons ONLY first button is remeber as Disabled, next two that I pressed - NOT. 

Whats wrong?

(Sorry for CAPITOLS)

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Harri C

Hi Damien,

Have you got the slides set to 'resume saved state' or 'Reset to initital state' ? You can check this by clicking on the little cog symbol on the slide layers panel on the right of the slide.

Alternatively, could you upload the slides/file so we can take a look at how the triggers etc are set up - there may be something in there that you've missed.

Harri C

Hi Damien,

I think I may have resolve the issue although I'll be honest, I did get a little bit lost on the language front.

All I did was change the trigger order on the buttons so that 'jump to slide' was the final command as I believe the slide was jumping before the state change occurred - hence why you didn't see the state change. I also removed the hover over triggers as, when you have a Hover state it will be triggered automatically - sometimes duplicating the triggers causes issues.

Hopefully the attached file works as intended.