Problem adding attachment when submitting case...


I am having a problem with a menu that is not auto-collapsing and I am submitting a support case. When I go to upload my .story file this is what it says:

It says "Add files to the upload queue and click the start button"

Am I missing something very obvious? Where is the "Start" button im supposed to press? I attach my files but it is quite large (175Mb) and it just sits there at 0% without uploading... Im wondering if it's just REALLY slow because it's a large file or if I'm missing a step bc I cant find start button...

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Peter Anderson

Sorry for the confusion Nicole. 

I'm going to mention the "start button" wording to our team. After adding your file(s) to the queue, just go ahead and click the Send Request button. Then you should see your file(s) begin to upload and track the percentage uploaded. Let us know if you have any issues...

Thanks for the feedback, as well