Problem adding trigger to tab interaction template

I'm using the tab interaction template and I added an additional layer to show the definition of a word when it is hovered over. For some reason, when the word/hotspot is hovered over, the layer that appears is the basic tab interaction layer, not the definition layer I created. I've double checked that the correct layer is chosen in the trigger wizard. 

Any idea why this is happening?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taylor and welcome to Heroes! 

Have you checked the layer properties to see if the base layer is showing still or hidden? 

 Also, if you're still having difficulty, layers and triggers are one of those things that is easier to diagnose when we can take a look at the file if you're able to share here with us (or even a mocked up version).

taylor suther

Hi Ashley,

I attached the slide I'm having trouble with. In the second tab, I'd like users to hover over the term "distribution network" to have the definition pop up. When I test it though, the text from the base layer appears. Adjusting the slide layer properties made various things disappear but I was still never able to get the definition layer to pop up.

Thanks for the help!