Problem creating a trigger for Fill-In interaction?

Here is a possible bug in the trigger editor and display panel, when trying to set a variable upon completion of a fill-in-the-blank interaction. What I wanted to do was track when the interaction was completed by the user typing in the answer and pressing the Enter key (and not clicking the submit button, which appears to be unnecessary for fill-ins).

- Start a new presentation

- Create a new variable "myVariable" with type logical

- Insert a new slide with an standard fill-in interaction

- Create new trigger, action Adjust Variable, variable myVariable, equal value True when Control Loses focus for control Text Entry.

- Click OK

In the trigger list panel, instead of setting the variable to true, it says that it is setting the variable to the typed value. If you go and edit the trigger, it still says that it is setting it to true even though the trigger panel says otherwise.

More importantly, my experience suggests that the trigger doesn't work. Hopefully you can fix this trigger in a subsequent release, and not just take away the ability to create such a trigger!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Dane, I would like to help you with this but need to know a couple of things before I am willing to venture an answer.

1. you say you want to track when the interaction was completed, but what do you want to do with this information?

2, Is the variable "MyVariable" set up as a boolean (true/false) variable?