Problem grouping tables with hotspots in Storyline 3


I'm working on a project for a client and I need to add new objects to an existing group, so that I can animate them as one object.

I need to add a table, with hotspots to an existing group. These invisible hotspots allow the learner to select links.

I am unable to shift select the group and new objects (table and hotspots) to add them to the group. With all objects selected, the only option available is 'Regroup'. The regroup is no good as it doesn't add the new objects which are shift selected. When I ungroup the group, and then try and create a new group, the group option is greyed out completely and control+g doesn't work either. This feels like a bug in a storyline 3? Is there a work around?

Thanks for your help,


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Catherine Short


I'm having the same issue although I am not using tables.  Here are the basic steps:

1)  Grouped a set of shapes and hotspots that form an interactive timeline.

2)  Ungrouped and added a few more shapes and hotspots.

3)  Wanted to group again as a larger timeline.

4)  Have the option to regroup that just groups the original set (step #1) but can't seem to get it to group the larger timeline which includes the additional shapes and hotspots.  Group is grayed out on the menu.

Any thoughts or advice - much appreciated!