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Ray Mooney

Unfortunately that would not be a viable solution in our environment. To have to purchase more software (added $$) and then go in and change all the Articulate courses that are already using muted-videos would take hundreds of hours. I'm hoping there is a easy fix for this problem and I just don't know the right settings to use. It's hard to believe that such an obvious feature has been missed for running courses on an iPad/Safari using HTML5. This also seems to be a problem if you use the Articulate Mobile Player.

I  can not find in the Articulate forums a DETAILED comparison of features for publishing HTML5 output. There is only a high level "bullet list" but there needs to be a detailed "feature not available" type of listing if these type of features are not covered.

For Learners who are moving into the iPad environment after only using a server based LMS course the move into the mobile  iPad/Safari platform may not be an easy transition.


That option would be great, if "edit video" was not grayed-out. But I have literally never been able to select Video Volume > Mute or Edit Video in Storyline and actually mute the audio in a video. I always have to dump it out into another program, strip the audio, export it back out, and then re-import into Storyline. It is a pain. Storyline 4 needs to just remove these "Video Volume" and "Edit Video" buttoms from the Video Tools > Options ribbon menu, because neither one has literally ever worked.

Crystal Horn

Hi JH. It sounds like Storyline's video editing tool is not working for you. I'd love to help!

  • Are you using Storyline 3?
  • What types of video files are you inserting in your projects? You'll find that certain video types can't be edited in Storyline 3.

If you'd like to share an example file, I'm happy to have a closer look!