Problem: local files not working when sharing .story files with others

Dec 09, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Could you help me out with the following?

I got about 68 courses, all built in Storyline, which need updating. Someone else is editing them for me. They all contain a couple of PDF's, which are located on my company's local drive.
When I publish the files, the PDF's get fetched and placed in the output folder.
But when the other person (with no access to my local drive) is publishing them after editing, all links are dead. The PDF's are not included. Which makes sense, because they cannot be fetched from the local drive.

Theoretically, I could send him all the 200+ PDF's, so he can link them again from his own local drive. But the next problem I would have, is that the links would be dead again after he sends me the edited .story files again, after he finishes. And I would again have to re-link all 200+ PDF's.


How can we solve this issue? Store them somewhere in the cloud? How?


Thanks in advance!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Sara!

You're in the right spot for help! I know other community members collaborate with other developers, so I'll point to them to share their workflow.

It would be helpful to know if you're sharing the .story file with your colleague or a published zip folder. Excited to see what other's method is!

Walt Hamilton

If your colleague edits them without changing the links to the PDFs, returns them to you, and you publish them, they should work. Otherwise you may have to do as you suggest, and send them the files.

Another option would be to put all the .story and .pdf files on an external drive, and pass that back and forth.

Sara Swier

Thanks for you replies.

@Lauren: yes, I'm sharing the .story files.

@Walt: The external drive would be a possible solution, but my colleagues work in India and I work in the Netherlands :)

I think I'll try Google drive. If I store both the .story files and the PDF's there, and link the PDF's again but this time to the Google drive location, it should work, right?

Math Notermans

As Walt says... if your 'shared files' donot change. No need for any extra work around, just publish from your computer where you have access to the files. 

Only when changing links and PDF's you need to ensure the links and assets are available.
And if you want your Indian collegeaus to publish, well then they need the files too..