problem making a multiple answer page

I have a created a page in storyline where the student has to answer all 5 fill in the blanks correct, then the page is correct.

I did this by watching Jeanettes video here:  //

However it always comes back incorrect.

The answers are:   1. came    2. did   3. did   4. went    5. drove

I just made a quick grammar test to try this functionality.   I have attached the slide as a storyline project.

Please help, I cant figure it out.

Any inputs, or advice from the community would be greatly appreciated.


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Antony Snow

Hi Kris,

This was an interesting challenge, but I have manage to get your example to work and attach my revised version for you.

Having looked at your example, the first thing that jumped out at me was that there were a lot of 'text entry' and 'question correct' variables that weren't related to this slide - I assume that they are used elsewhere in your project, but I have deleted them from my example to avoid any confusion.

I have gone back through each of the triggers and updated them so that they are referencing the correct text entry field and updating the relevant 'question correct' variable.

The most obvious omission from your example was the trigger to change the state of 'button 1 - correct' to selected. There were only 2 conditions on it (that 'AnswerQ1' AND 'AnswerQ2' equal 'True) so I have added further conditions for 'AnswerQ3', 'AnswerQ4' and 'AnswerQ5' - the same applies to the trigger that changes the state of 'button 2 - incorrect'.

I hope my stripped down version provides you with some clarity but please feel free to post back if you have any questions.