Problem: my .story OR my LMS ?

Jul 09, 2014


Here is my problem: I created a training module with slides survey. Currently, I have about a dozen of these slides. But the final goal is to have more than a hundred. This is an interactive business plan. I do not know if this is the training module as well my LMS, but for all the slides, I enabled "When revisiting: reset to initial state" function so that the student can modify its business plan in training. Once published on my LMS (we are with Ellicom - E-Doceo for LMS) I entered the text (as a student) in most text boxes. Then I have a "Save" button that, when clicked, submits the answers and links to the results slide. Everything is fine for now, I leave this training module and as a trainer, I'll see if the saving of answer was made in the LMS and actually, they were saved. The problem is what is coming. When I return, as a student in the training module, it starts sometimes from the beginning and no answers is visible. Sometimes, it's work perfectly and all the answer are visible and the last slide is what the student see. However, I put the option "When revisiting: reset to initial state" to be able to change the answers and they have been saved in the LMS. Also, in the options of player I adjust to restart in "always resume" .So I do not know if my module that has a problem or if it is our LMS that does not communicate well saved answer between together but there is something weird.

I put my .story for you.


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Philippe Bouffard

Ok, I tested with Scorm Cloud and I have the same problem. Then this is not the LMS. I do not really know why it did that. I made almost 50 tests to try to understand why once everything is ok, and sometimes it starts from the beginning by erasing all the data in the training module.

The only thing I can say and maybe this is a track, but I noticed that if I type text like "slkdfj dsfkjl; ask dfjas" on all slides, I have no problem but when I take the time to type words and phrases like "The mission of my company is" on all slides, this is where the problem arises. Yet it is not supposed to do that. Regardless of the type of text, everything should be functional. Is it a matter of time writing in connection with the timeline of the slides? And why it will restart at the beginning of my training and not let a start where the last time? Yet the option is enabled.

Please help me. I have a headache because look where is the problem: o)

Thank you.

Philippe Bouffard

If I may add this information to help you. When a student reaches for the first time this training module, this is when the problem occurs. The answers are erased from the training module. (sometimes yes and sometimes no!?). If the student tape again his texts, training remains stable. The data is always visible and the training module Never restarts from the beginning with the erasure of data.

This means that the problem appears during the first attemps and not the following passages. Is there a bug with slides essays regarding attempts? I know it is stuck at one attempt. Yet, sometimes at the first attempt, the data is still visible. I'm lost.

Philippe Bouffard

I think I found the problem. Does someone could test and tell me if this problem occurred? I think this is when the text that punctuation « ' » that the problem occurs. No idea why it did that.

I tested many times and the result is the same. Soon as there is a « ' » as in the word IT'S, answers are not visible even after several attempts of the training module. I write normal text without punctuation, everything is ok and I redo again the training module by adding punctuation and now the problem occurs.

Someone has an answer?

Thank you.

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