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Jan 02, 2020

Hi there,

I have created 3 modules with the same settings, the same architecture, the same player, etc... but they do not function in the same way on my client's LMS. Could you help ?

On his Futureskills LMS platform, my client sees the player in a different manner in Module 2 than in Module 1 and 3. As you can see from the screenshots enclosed, there is a black line around the player, the progress bar has a black line around it as well and the green color doesn't show on the progress bar (he can still click on the bar to go to another part of the video but he cannot see the progression of the video), and the play/replay buttons are visible even though they are set to be hidden (same color as background).

My idea is that it is a problem of display, but I don't know where it is coming from.
I have tested the modules on Scorm cloud and on my LMS (Talentsoft) and they are working perfectly (no display problem with module 2), we have also checked the settings with my team and they are the same. So now I am stuck since my client is telling me that in his opinion display problems like this cannot come from his LMS.

What I cannot explain is that the behaviour of the modules are not the same, even though they have the same settings...

Do you have any idea where could this come from ? Could it be from the browser or the client's LMS, or maybe did we miss a particular setting that is not the same in Module 2 ?
I have enclosed the .story file for module 1 and 2 with this message so that you could check directly from the module if this type of problem is not familiar to you guys.

Thanks in advance for your help on this, I'm really stuck and happy New Year to everybody !


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Rim,

Thank you for reaching out!

I reviewed your .story files and uploaded them to SCORM cloud. After reviewing the course in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, and Edge), I was not able to replicate the black lines in your screenshot for Module 2. I am also not seeing anything in the course that would suggest there would be black lines around the player. Here is how the course appears for me after uploading to SCORM cloud and viewing in Chrome: 

While I am not familiar with Futureskills LMS, I am hoping that others in the community can share any insights here! 

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